finding God

Finding God Post Modern Era Complete Guide

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Finding God Post Modern Era

Complete Guide

How To Connect, Finding God In a Post Modern Era. Your Complete Guide To Connecting.

finding God

Your complete guide to developing an intimate relationship with God.

You can’t erect walls where there’s no foundation. One cannot add a roof where there are no walls. The life-changing facts about God. Couldn’t have been added to my life hadn’t a strong foundation,of the Word been assembled inside of me. Whilst meditating on the Scriptures. The very amount of God’s power in a believer’s life. Is dependent on how much of his life is ordered by the Holy Spirit


Believers need to learn how to live a life of power. As they walk in the Spirit, forever building upon the foundation of the Word. The Holy Spirit gives utterance. Trust me when I tell you this, as you study this book and diligently apply its principles.The day will come when you review your life and say in awe and wonder. “I’m not the same individual. I have learned to walk in the Spirit, and it has completely changed my life forever!”


  • The Plan – What God’s Plan Was For Us & Why We Are Not Living It.
  • God’s New Song – How To Change Your Life In Accordance To God, so That You Can Be Free On God’s Earth.
  • Study The Word – Studying & Understanding The Word of God. Reading & Understanding The Lessons and Teaching.
  • finding God Daily Devotional Plan – Having Passion In Your Days Filled With The Love of God. Learning To See The Beauty In Every Creation.
  • Prayer – Understanding The Principles of Prayer. The Different Types of Prayers. That Can Help Us Achieve Our Greatest Potential.
  • Like Minded People – How To Connect With Like Minded People. Who Are On The Same Spiritual Journey.