Passive Recurring Income Course

Passive Recurring Income Course

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Passive Recurring Income


The Online Passive Recurring Income Course How To Set Up And Create Your Very Own Sales Funnels. Of A Lasting Residual Income For Years To Come.


Passive Recurring Income Course

Passive Recurring Income Course

In this book, we are going to look at some of the different ways you can earn money, from your site using Shopify. You will do this by creating a membership site but also by selling subscriptions. To other things things like email courses and discount memberships.

All these methods are going to allow you to set up what’s known as a passive recurring income. What does this mean though?

Well, you know what income means. It means money! So this is a revenue stream that will ensure you have a steady flow of cash coming into your account.

How about the other two words passive income?

Passive means that the income carries on coming in even when you’re not doing any work. You could be asleep or sitting on a sunny beach and you’rs still have cash flowing in. Imagine being able to go on holiday with your friends and knowing that you’re still earning money.


Passive Recurring Income Course

Passive Recurring Income Course

Help  You To No Longer Trading Time For Cash 

Financial freedom is when you are no longer are you trading your time for cash. No longer do you need to be in a constant rush and dash. This will buy you the kind of freedom that you can only up til now imagine.

Now what about recurring?

Well this is the part that makes a membership site very different from any other kind of blog. This is the bit that gives you as steady income. That isn’t reliant on everything going smoothly. This is where you get the guarantee.

Recurring income simply means that you are going to have a payment system set up. So that your customers,  clients and fans are paying you on a weekly.  Monthly or quarterly basis and you can therefore predict exactly how much money you’re going to make.

Suddenly, that unpredictability is gone. Suddenly, it’s much easier to get that home loan. Now you can start planning for the long term based on how much money you know you have coming in next month.

Introducing ….

The Passive Recurring Income Course


Passive Recurring Income Course

Passive Recurring Income 

What You Will Learn

  • How to set up your Shopify store
  • The best tools and apps you can add to your store
  • Turning your store into a mobile app!
  • Setting up your affiliate sales
  • Marketing your store to reach more potential customers
  • Other ways to charge a subscription
  • + Much More


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