Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority

Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority

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Online Marketing Building

Trust Gaining Authority

 Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority. How To Go About It On A World Wide Scale. In This New Digital Era We Are Now Living.

Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority

Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority

Take a look at some of the best big ticket items being sold by internet marketers. You’ll notice that the price can vary greatly. You can spend several thousand pounds for a weekend with someone like Tony Robins. Or you can spend more than that for a whole week workshop.

A consultation with one blogger might cost you £99 for one hour. But a short lunch with Elliot Hulse will set you back £1K!


Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority
Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority – Clearly time isn’t the only factor that matters. So what is it that is really determining the pricing of these people & products?

The answer is simple: it’s the individual who is providing the information. If you are someone who has a ton of experience and qualifications. Then you can charge a huge amount of money for your services. Conversely though, if you’re someone that no one has heard of. You have no qualifications under your belt, then you’ll have to charge a lot less.
This should be interesting for anyone looking to make a lot of money. As it basically means that all you have to do to start charging big bucks. Is to convince people that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re worth those big bucks. So how do you do that?

Fame Social Media Networking 

Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority
One way you can start charging a lot more money. Is to promote yourself and to become better known within your niche. Elliot Hulse is hardly a household name but he is well-known among fitness enthusiasts. Due to his appearance on YouTube.

Likewise, Tony Robbins is a household name and he can charge huge amounts as a result.
To get yourself to something approaching this level. Start by running your own YouTube channel/blog for instance and you should also consider appearing in interviews.

Hype Your Sales Pages

Make sure that you really believe in your own hype. Present yourself as someone who is worth £1,000 an hour and people will be more likely to believe it.

You can almost think of your sales page as being like a CV. The objective for you here is to show off your qualifications. Experience and anything else that might make you seem credible.

Think about the highlights of your career and anything people will know about. Think of numbers (did you increase your company’s profit by X amount?) and think about claims to fame. Many people talk about their appearances on TED for instance. You might also want to put down qualifications.

Finally, consider linking yourself to other successful people. Tai Lopez’s sales page includes images of people like Arnie, Steve Jobs and Einstein. He had nothing to do with their success but the unconscious link is clear!


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