5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide

Anti Aging

The 5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging It’s common to think of aging physically as somewhat inevitable. But this is not true what are the secrets to staying radiant and youthful?


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Let’s Talk..

The way we age is something that we have a LOT of control over. Many of the side-effects you might have presumed were unavoidable, are actually very possible to circumvent.

If you need convincing, then go and run a marathon some time. What you’ll find is that there are plenty of competitors there who are well in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. Sometimes even their 80’s !  Or do a Google search for Johanna Quaas – the oldest gymnast in the world. She’s nearly 93 and can do handstand push ups!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is another good example. He’s in the latter half of his 70s and he’s very easily managed to add his muscle back on and get into fantastic shape. Becoming sharp as a whip and currently conquering social


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

So what did these people do differently to me and you

What can be done to emulate them, below we will find out ….

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

The Secret 

The reality is that some people won’t have this good fortune. Sometimes, the negative effects of aging are the result of illness or accident and this makes them practically unavoidable. But in most cases? It comes down to lifestyle, nutrition and attitude.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

So what is the ‘secret’?

There’s actually one big key to all this and it’s really rather simple:

Keep using your body and mind!

Not only must you keep using it. You have to keep pushing it and keep taking yourself further and harder. The more you do this, the more you’ll be able to continually challenge yourself. This will make your body stay adaptable and keep growing.

The problem is that too many of us start to treat our bodies like they’re made out of glass. Once we get past a certain age. In reality, even in old age your body should be able to stand up to some punishment. This is actually what it craves, to keep it alive and healthy. When the body has to much routine, it starts to shut down. Causing us to age and deteriorate quicker.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

The Science 

That might sound like a nice piece of motivational talk but in reality, it’s actually very literally true. And when you look at the lifestyle most people lead, it’s easy to see why this is the case…

So let’s run through it…..

What is the lifestyle like of your average person as they age?

  • When you’re young, you would have been learning all the time
  • Constantly doing active things making the brain and body work
  • Participation is sports and high energy burning activities
  • There would of be opportunities to constantly learning new things
  • All your experiences would have been new. Forcing the body and the brain to make new connections
  • Schooling and higher education would have been challenging your mind and body daily.
  • Then your learning would of become targeted and focused based on your likes and dislikes


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Then We FAST Forward A Few Years ……

Fast forward a few years and you’re starting a new job. You’re probably still fairly active in your spare time and you’re learning at work. A few years more and you’ve adapted to your career.

It’s still stressful (which wreaks havoc on your body) but you’re not really learning anything ‘new’ per say. Thus your brain stops being so plastic, you produce less ‘BDNF’’ Commonly know as  (brain derived neurotrophic factor) and this make you generally become less efficient at learning.

In most case a persons activities become less, because you’re burned out from work. Not to mention the possibility that you may have additional responsibilities at home. Looking after a family, whilst holding down a full time job can take it toll heavily.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Working & Lifestyle Eat Away At Your Health 

Time is so scarce though that you’re mainly eating processed foods. You barely have time to go outside. And you’re turning to drink as a way to unwind artificially in the evenings. While strong coffee is what charges you up in the morning!

Life can remain pretty much the same, for the next 20, 30 or 50 years. Meanwhile, you are breathing in toxins, not eating properly and barely moving. This is when your body starts to break down, you will start to attract aches and pains. As a result of losing your mobility and your flexibility and you generally become slower and tireder.

Being so stressed all the time, causes your digestion and immune system to be  suppressed and your heart-rate to accelerate.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Is it any wonder we age more quickly than the age we really are !

By retirement we are so exhausted from years of doing those things, that we don’t do anything else. Maybe we attend a few classes or community events. But we spend most of your time sitting down at home, because we are so stiff and low on energy.

  • Work becomes less challenging as our brains are programmed.
  • Social life become more home based with the use of tech
  • Now your brain is not only less plastic, it now starts to deteriorate as ‘pruning’ takes place for unneeded neuronal connections.

Decades of being malnourished have taken their toll on your bones and your neurotransmitters. Including all the poor sleep, all the stress you went through over the years…


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

And what do people tell you to do?

  • Take it easy your in your golden years .
  • Rest up, no need to be so active anymore relax.
  • Stay at home, enjoy your retirement

The offers of going out, meeting people and trying new things are starting to dry up. Making it even harder for you to stimulate your mind, body or even soul..


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Time To Avoid That Fate So Let’s Put This Straight

WOW, that sounded depressing right? But it’s unfortunately the reality for a lot of people. And that’s why aging is
so painful and ungraceful for so many of us. We’re living longer than ever thanks to modern medicine but our lifestyles and diets are the worst they’ve ever been.

The result is that we end up old and decrepit, unable to enjoy those long lifespans.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

So how might we put this right?

First: we eat right

If you are currently living on ready meals and fast food, then know that it is aging you. It will make you less healthy when you’re older but it’s also making you look older right now. That’s because our body needs the nutrients that come from our food. in order to keep our bodies running well.

You literally are what you eat and your body is being broken down all the time. So you need the right nutrients in order to build it back up again. This is also what will give you just that bit more energy no matter your age.  To start being more active and to start training again.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Keeping The Body & Brain Optimal

Keeping moving constantly, keeping the body working.  As moving regularly will keep your heart strong, your blood pressure down and your muscle toned and healthy. It’s also very good for your brain and will encourage and help the formation of new neural connections. Including the production of all important neurotransmitters and feel good hormones that combat depression.

Most important of all though, moving is the antidote to sitting at a desk all day. Try and squat down with your heels flat on the floor right now. If you can’t do it, it’s because you have tight muscles. Sitting in the same position for hours at a time. has caused some muscles to become elongated and weakened. Causing other muscles to become short and tight (hamstrings, pecs).


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Becoming Shorter 

The result is that you have uneven pressure on your joints which can cause problems. Such as an anterior pelvic tilt causing your pelvis to tilt. Thereby creating back pain and actually making you appear shorter!

Having our arms forward typing all day meanwhile shortens the pecs and begins the hunch back appearance. That is so common in older age.

We then try to correct these problems by changing the way we walk or run. Which makes us more likely to fall over or to develop even worse imbalances and pains. Over time, all this is enough to lead to poor mobility, inflammation,
arthritis and a lack of movement and energy.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Just Keep On Moving 

To keep on moving is the key to your success and longevity. The secret is to gradually start correcting that lack of mobility. Start strengthening the muscles again, restoring flexibility. Try things such as squatting, lunging, dead-lifting and swimming.

It all just boils down a simple principle know as the SAID principle. Which stands for (Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands).

If you move a lot, your body adapts to cope with lots of movement. You will then start to become stronger and more flexible. However if you stop moving, your body adapts to not moving. It will become, softer, weaker and imbalanced.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

And Finally…… We Think…..

That due to the exact same principle being applied also to the brain. If you aren’t using your brain to constantly learn new things. Then you will lose the ability to form new neural connections and it will become less plastic. Try to socialize with people, as Ii you aren’t socializing and aren’t challenging yourself. Then you will become more set
in your ways, more forgetful and less sharp. Leaving the doors open to welcome dementia and other illnesses.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging Even Though

You Are RETIRED !!

Being retired doesn’t mean you should stop working or stop having ambition. In fact, now is the perfect time to go after other ambitions and things that you want to achieve. This is the perfect opportunity to start a business, start an acting career.  Write a book or to do any of those exciting things that will keep you driven and passionate. Keep you excited and inevitably keeping you young!


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

What If I Have Already Started Taking It Easy ?

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging 

One cannot just jump into all that if you’re already starting to decline. You need to build up to it and that means starting with simple diet and lifestyle changes to gain more energy.

Doing all this will not just make you healthier as you age, it will make you more energetic. Making you in turn appear and look allot more youthful. When you feel better, you look better and this is true without a doubt.

There are other specific things you can do to stop the age showing in your face. Your teeth, hair or even skin too!. Once again, it all comes down to the right lifestyle and the right nutrition. Therfore the sooner you start, the better
off you’ll be.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Little Body Boosts 

You can boost your testosterone for instance by consuming more saturated fats and getting more sleep. This makes guys look younger but it also makes them more muscular. More virile and more energetic even in old age.

Improve your hair just by eating the right nutrition and staying away from certain harmful chemicals. Fixing your skin regime can make you look decades younger very easily.

We discuss all this and much more in the full video e-Course.

Introducing ….


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging




This video e-course will go into detail regarding all the things you can do when you’re young. Or when you’re already old to keep wrinkles and grey hair at bay. Keeping your teeth white and to maintain a youthful attitude.

We even look at things like incontinence, sexual dysfunction and eyesight. Showing you how similar principles can be used to prevent all these things. And of course we go into much more detail regarding how to keep your brain sharp and your body nimble.


5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

Its Not Just The Elderly

You Are At Risk In Your 30’s 

Don’t think this just applies to the elderly. This is most important for those who are in their late twenties or thirties. You are probably already starting to see your body age but now is the very best time. To combat it and to keep yourself looking and feeling young.

But if you’re already a little more advanced in years, then it’s not too late. By watching the video e-course you will discover the secrets to turning back the clock. So that you can get the very most out of your golden years.

Getting older doesn’t have to be entirely bad news. It actually has a ton of positives as well and if you can keep the aches, pains and grey hair away. Then you might just be able to enjoy the freedom, the respect and the knowledge
that can only be gained with time!

Learn ALLOT MORE Get Your Copy Today 

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Course

5 Minute Secret Guide Anti Aging

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