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Becoming Productive

The Wake Up Now Guide

Start Becoming Productive With The Wake Up Now Guide To Beat Procrastination. Start Getting More Tasks Completed, Throughout Your Day.


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Sleep is a constantly recurring event characterized by reduced or absent consciousness. A state of relatively reduced sensory activity, Sleep is believed to be. Just as important as being awake.

A time where both the body and the mind recuperate. From all the stress it has experienced throughout the day.

In sleep, all the voluntary muscles remain inactive and involuntary muscles functions are reduced. In other words, it is like switching off a machine or placing it in idle mode. To allow the machines to cool off and prevent damage.

Becoming Productive

Effect To Your Sleeping Pattern

A person’s sleep can be affected by a lot of factors one of these factors include the circadian rhythm. The sleep-wake homeostasis or the circadian clock. Controls the sleeping timing. It has the greatest significance and greatest effect on the sleep of an individual.

Sleep timing simply means the time you sleep and the time you wake up. The circadian clock is also an inner time keeper. Temperature controller, and an enzyme regulator. It is the rhythm that determines the ideal time for a person’s restorative sleep and rest. Works together with a neurotransmitter called Adenosine.

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter responsible for inhibiting bodily processes involving wakefulness. Our circadian rhythm is commonly affected by poor sleeping habits. Such as working overnight shifts, shifting time zones like flying from one country to another.

Becoming Productive Sleep Pattern

The 5 Stages

When a person goes to bed to rest, he or she undergoes a bodily and organized process called sleep. An individual passes through five phases of sleep : stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

Stage 1

This is the stage in between sleep and wakefulness. A person’s sleep would be easily disrupted if the person is in this stage. Muscle activity is still constant and the eye movements are still observed.

For Stage 2

the person’s sleep gradually deepens. It is harder to wake a person in this stage of sleep.

On stages 3 and 4

At this stage in the sleep cycle a person no longer responds to environmental stimuli. Such as loud noises and bright lights. It is the stage where the person stays before progressing to REM.


REM or Rapid Eye movement is part of the sleeping stage which a person enters. Approximately 90 minutes after sleep is initiated. The deepest stage in the sleep cycle and is the hardest time to wake up a person.

The muscle activity is greatly reduced, but the brain activity is noticeably highest. EEG tests confirm that a person’s brain activity during the REM stage. Is similar to that when a person is awake.

We have created an e-book to give you a better understanding. Of how you can start changing your sleeping pattern and in return. Become more productive in your day to day activities, reaching goals and success allot quicker.

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