Responsive Email List Creates Income

Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Creates


How To Build A Responsive Email List That Creates Income For You On A Regular Basis. A Detailed Online Report Helping You To Create A Passive Residual Online Income.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Top Methods & Tips 

In the world today, money is very essential. One cannot live without it. There is always a need for money in everything we do or in everywhere we go.

In fact, some people will do anything for the sake of money even if their lives are at stake. Whilst other people have multi-jobs at the same time just to have more of it. People even choose to work for other countries leaving their family behind. In order to provide money for them while they’re away, and so on.

They no longer mind what waits for them in the foreign lands. As long as they can support their loved ones and themselves.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List A World

of Opportunity 

People have always been looking out for technological ways to boost their business. Since the telephone was invented. I think we can all agree with that. In the early 1980’s some companies had to use telemarketers. To let client’s shop without leaving home and appeal to a larger clientel.

Then businesses shifted gears when the internet became commercially available. It wasn’t long before online businesses blossomed and advertisements flooded websites. With that, the website era was born, giving business the potential to reach anyone with an internet connection.

It’s the first layer of e-commerce where businessmen display their product, services and its specifications.
Oftentimes, finding the right pages in a sea of information on the internet. Is like a needle in the haystack. Almost instantly, a client is presented with a list of results from all over the web.

Along with that struggle is also the site owner’s dilemma in matching the client’s query. Enabling them to the put in the correct keyword for the seo. So that customers can be directed to your website.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Getting

Found In The Search Engines 

Leading search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!. Indexed pages using crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results. Each search engine has their own submission service that guarantee crawling. To ensure that all pages are found within a search.

To increase the website’s or webpage’s prominence within the search results. Some methods are advised by SEO experts for a fee of course!. Cross linking between pages of the same website while providing more additional links. To the most important pages will improve visibility in the search engine.

Specifying keywords frequently searched, relevant to a wider variety of search queries. Will increase your ranking and your website will perform better.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List

Keeping Contents Fresh ! 

Your site should also be updated in its contents to keep search engines crawling back frequently. Adding relevant keywords, URL normalization and meta tags. Can also help to increase the page’s popularity score.

With this challenge, building high visibility, first page organic search ranking on Google. Is a must for every website or webpage. This would mean increased inquiry, sales and profitability, and of course, visibility across the worldwide web.


Responsive Email List

Follower’s Buyer’s & Fan’s

Leveraged communication with a growing group of subscribers, so that you can increase your sales. What you will want to do is optimize your content and marketing efforts. Towards gaining new subscribers and then nurturing those subscribers into repeat customers.

We are going to turn visitors into subscribers and take those subscribers down a journey to become buyers.

Let’s start with your visitors.

They are going to be coming to your blog posts and seeing your great content. They will hopefully, opt-in to receive your free gift. On doing that they will visit some kind of a thank you page, you have created. Then, they will become a subscriber.

Other visitors,

For the other visitors you need to create a landing page, that you have created.This is where you will give away a report based on your niche. This could be guide or some kind of a webinar registration.

Once these visitors opt in and visit your thank you page, they’ll also become a subscriber. That’s when your email list building and marketing really kicks in.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Staying

In Contact With Your Subscribers 

They’ll start receiving follow-up messages from you, that direct them to specific content. Or offers that you may happen to have. Over the series of a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, you will continue to communicate with
these new subscribers.  Always making sure you offer them something amazing that turns them into a buyer.

Now companies of all types and sizes can benefit from this email list building plan. If you are a business-to-business kind of company.  This strategy is going to help you get more clients and increase your marketing potential.

If you are business-to-consumer, this is going to help you sell more of your products. Whether you have been business for decades or you are just starting out. This is the kind of plan that can give you that extra boost that you are looking for.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Expand

Your Reach With Social Media 

Email list building isn’t the only type of marketing you should be doing. It’s a key part of your overall marketing plan and you should look to include :

  • Social Media, Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, Blogger, Snapchat, GooglePlus
  • YouTube, Webinars, Product Launches, Videos, Information
  • Content Marketing, Blogging, Videos, Ads and Webinars and of course
  • Paid Traffic, Ads, Campaigns, Google Marketing, Bing Marketing, Yahoo Marketing

However, email list building should be your number one priority. All those roads and links should lead
to your list. Because to be honest, all other marketing tactics can disappear in a flash.

But your list and the relationship you build with your subscribers. Becomes your largest marketing asset and it’s something that you can absolutely control.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List The Importance

of List Building 

Now most businesses, of course, have some kind of follow-up sequence. But they usually only do it for a few days, maybe a few weeks.

It’s a need to maintain a consistent follow-up process. If there is no follow up, it will lead to you, leaving a ton of money on the table. Not to mention a ton of customers out in the wind.

What do you want out of your list?

1. What do you want out of your list?
2. Who are the audience you’re going to serve?
3. What are the benefits?
4. What’s the curriculum?

Number one thing is what’s in it in for you? Obviously, you’re going to want to have a few results otherwise it’s not going to be worth your effort. The most obvious answer most people tell at first is they want to sell more of their primary product.

What kind of income do you want to generate over the next 90 days and over the next year from the product that you’re going to sell? Working backwards from there makes it a little bit easier for you to know. Who you’re targeting for your list to be able to growth.

How much time are you spending right now in your business and how much more free time would you look to have? 

If your company has multiple things you’d like to focus on. Then you need to look at, how big of a percentage of time does this particular product take up. That you’re going to be able to reduce because you’re having a more leveraged system using your auto-responder system. As well as your broadcast?


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Becoming

An Authority In Your Niche 

Then there are some other intangible goals that you might want to think about to. Such as the following:

  • Are you trying to boost your credibility
  • Becoming more visible in your audience
  • Making your brand better known through PR and going on TV or having seminars ?
  • Or is one of your primary goals to get more affiliates to help you grow your business?

Whatever your goals happen to be, make sure that you answer these before you go forward with the rest of your plan. As you consider what your goals are, every step you take should be matching these particular goals.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Your Niche Market

Who Are They ?

Who is your ideal customer? People outside that ideal audience will show up as well. The more passionate you can be about the singular group. That you want help out, the more energized that initial group of customers is going to be.

What you want to do is look at some of the demographics and the psychographics of that ideal audience. Be very clear about these. You need to be as specific as possible with these types of characteristics For Example:

  • How old is your ideal audience member?
  • What gender do they identify with?
  • Their economical location ?
  • Do they have kids? Have they not have kids? If they have kids, are their kid teenagers, toddlers?
  • Are they married, are they not married?  Are they divorced or they’ve been married?
  • Finally, what’s their employment status? Do they currently have a job? Are they looking to move up to another level. Are they looking to strike out on their own and start a business?

All of these elements of demographics can do a great job of helping you. To paint a picture of what your ideal audience member is thinking about. What are the benefits and results that your ideal audience members really want to have?

Think about it this way: Your goals were all about what’s in it for you, right? Then you determined who you’re going to serve. Now you want to think about what’s in it for them and your mindset changes to :

  • What’s that transformation that they’re going to want to have?
  • How can you take them from where they are now to where they want to go?
  • That’s what you’re going to be able to offer with your products and services, and your email marketing campaign is going to support that.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Thinking

Outside The Box 

Think about that big benefit that you have with your products and services. As well as the secondary benefits.
One should always be looking towards getting to the next level with your products or services.

Even if you only have one product or service right now. You should always be thinking what’s going to be that next thing. That your customers are going to want from you, As you may not know the answer to that question right now. But you should always be thinking about it, because if you only have one product or service. You’re always going to be chasing new leads instead of serving your ideal audience. Or members in a more and more profitable way.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List ANALYZING 

Your Results !

Give yourself the opportunity to revisit your statistics at least once a month. Especially at the beginning, so you can monitor increases in posts, ads and contents.

What you want to pay attention to are the open rates for better subject lines. To use with your audience going forward, monitor the following:

  • The click through rates that you had, which might indicate what are the better ads. Associate with what you are using inside of your contents and emails.
  • Use Google Analytics, and do split testing to optimize your conversion rates. Ultimately, with the same amount of traffic.As you want to continuously increase the result that you get.
  • Check your auto-responder serives provider analytics for measuring your list growth  over time. This will tell you, who’s unsubscribing and when, and what kind of sales are coming in.

These are all going to be indicators of what’s working for your email list and what needs to be improved upon.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Using An Email

Signature Digital Print 

This is a merge field that you’re able to use inside of most of your broadcast messages and your auto-responders.
It’s a feature of your email service provider, and can even be found on gmail.

Once set up, your email signature will be dynamically inserted into your messages. Strategically use this for time sensitive offers. Promotions, or some type of focus desired action that you want in that moment. That relates to the rest of your messages that you have sent.

Of course, inside of your follow-up messages. Where you already have a substantial and strong call to action, you’re going to avoid using your email signature.

General Follow-up Messages

With good content you’ll want to use that email signature. Enabling you to drive traffic, to whatever offer is most important to you at that particular time.

Change up your email signature at least once per month. Especially at the beginning, so that you can see the impact that it has on your business. Allowing you to make decisions based on those results on a regular basis.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Start Doing


Your email list health will get a boost when you do frequent webinars. You’ll get new subscribers and you’ll be able to reengage your existing subscribers. Every time you do a new topic.

Do not be afraid to repeat topics every single week. You also want to do webinars, because they are perfect for proving ground. To test out new products, service and ideas that you may happen to have.

Of course, webinars provide a fantastic sales boost for new buyers and upgraded customers you should :

  • Choose which email service provider you wish to integrate with
  • Decide which list you want to connect people to when they click link. You’ll want to integrate that link with your notifications. If you want to receive their information to your inbox. Integrate it with your webinar host if you’re connecting people to a webinar registration.
  • Setting The Thank You Page With Your Links
  • Save your link, then copy the link and insert, inside of your broadcast or your follow-up message


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List Creating

Exclusives & Specials 

Increase your revenue with your email list by sending out email only specials. These subscriber only purchase opportunities that can be sent out via email on any occasion, Based on your own preference, holidays, or just for random marketing tests.

Use these types of specials for non-customers for your primary product. Your current customers should receive email special offers for upgrades and cross-cells.

Cluster Emails 

Make sure you’re communicating to each of those groups appropriately. Do follow-up email clusters. Make a theme for three to four messages in that email cluster. Sending those messages out over the course of about a week.

Also make an affiliate email clusters. This is where you can recommend products or services that help your ideal audience and generate more revenue for you.

Ideally, create a three-part email series that can go out to either your subscribers or your customers. This works extremely well as a cluster of emails that goes out over the course of a week or so.


Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List


Remember that you’re starting with your visitors and turning them into subscribers. Then converting those subscribers into buyers.

Your whole email list building campaign centers around taking your visitors to your blog posts. Getting them to opt in for your free gift and sending them to a good thank you page. Also, taking your visitors and sending them to landing pages. Which are directed towards thank you pages after they’ve opted in.

Then your email marketing starts to take over with your new subscribers. As they receive your follow-up messages, which give them great content. Either in the messages or on individual landing pages.

Rinse & Repeat 

Over a period of days and then weeks, you’re going to be sending out additional messages. That get people to consider your offer and products more seriously. Until they become a buyer of your products and services.

Once they become a buyer, you’re all set to converting them to repeat customers and ambassadors of your brand. You can then accelerate your email list building with a lot less tech in the process.

Still Not Confident Enough?

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Responsive Email List

Responsive Email List 

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