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69 WordPress Website Plugins For Marketers


69 WordPress Website Plugins

For Marketers

Here are 69 WordPress Website Plugins For Marketers. A Link List of The Best WordPress Plugins Which Are Free An Available To All WordPress User.



One of the major components of WordPress are its plugins. There are currently over 47,457 plugins in the
WordPress repository. Most can be used to their full ability for free.

But here’s the problem, there are too many plugins. No one wants to sift through the 47,000+ plugins to
find a few you like. We went through and found some of the coolest, most used plugins that will totally set your site apart


69 WordPress Website Plugins

WordPress Reset
Resets the WordPress database back to it’s defaults. Deletes all customization and content. Does not
modify files only resets the database.

External Links
Force all external links to open in a new window. Add rel=nofollow to all external links. Add an icon to
all external links.

Reduce image file sizes and improve performance using the Every image you add to a page
or post will be automatically run through behind the scenes. You don’t have to do anything
different.You can also run your existing images through via the WordPress Media Library.

WordPress Download Monitor
Plugin with interface for uploading and managing download files, inserting download links in posts,
and monitoring download hits.

nRelate Related Content
nRelate is designed to drive eyeballs deeper into your site by displaying related content as either
thumbnails, text, or both.

Viper’s Video Quicktags
Allows easy and XHTML valid posting of videos from various websites such as YouTube,
DailyMotion, Vimeo, and more.

Tweet Old Post
Plugin to tweet about your old posts to get more hits for them and keep them alive.

WP Splash Image
WP Splash Image is a plugin for WordPress to display picture, video or html code with a lightbox effect
at the opening of the blog.

SEO Rank Report
Track your Google rankings every 3 days and see reports of your progress in a graph. You will also be
able to visualize your traffic flow in response to ranking changes and receive emails notifying you of
major rank changes.

Pricing Table
WordPress Pricing Table plugin will help you to generate pricing table in the easitest and dynamic way.

Lightbox Plus
Lightbox Plus permits users to view larger versions of images, simple slide shows, videos and content
all in an overlay.

Booking Calendar
Its a plugin for online reservation and availability checking service for your site.

Widget Logic
Widget Logic lets you control on which pages widgets appear using WP’s conditional tags. It also adds
a ‘widget_content’ filter.



69 WordPress Website Plugins

Theme My Login
Changes your normal WP login page to another page on your site that you can configure yourself.

Visitor Maps and Who’s Online
Displays Visitor Maps with location pins, city, and country. Includes a Who’s Online Sidebar. Has an
admin dashboard to view visitor details.

WP-Post Ratings
The best Post Ratings plugins online, and it’s free. Adds an AJAX rating system for your WordPress
blog’s post/page.

Sidebar Login
Easily add an ajax-enhanced login widget to your site’s sidebar.

PHP Code Widget
Like the Text widget, but also allows working PHP code to be inserted.

Login Redirect
Redirect users to different locations after logging in and logging out.

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin
Add a classified ads section to your WordPress site, quickly and easily.

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart
Very easy to use Simple WordPress Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin. Great for selling products online in
one click from your WordPress site.

Theme Options UI Builder for WordPress. A simple way to create & save Theme Options and Meta
Boxes for free or premium themes.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
Adds a WYSIWYG widget based on the standard TinyMCE WordPress visual editor.

Social Login
Allow your visitors to comment and login with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Paypal,
LinkedIn, LiveJournal, OpenID, VKontakte, Google, Yahoo

Search Meter
Search Meter tracks what your readers are searching for on your blog. View full details of recent
searches or stats for the last day, week or month.

WordPress Touch
WPtouch: A simple, powerful and elegant mobile theme for your website.

WP Customer Reviews
WP Customer Reviews allows your customers and visitors to leave reviews or testimonials of your
services. Reviews are Microformat enabled (hReview).


69 WordPress Website Plugins


WP SlimStat
A powerful real-time web analytics plugin for WordPress.

Custom Field Template
This plugin extends the functionality of custom fields.

Custom Post Type UI
Admin UI for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved
Easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without having to modify the code at all. As seen on

Print Friendly and PDF Button
The #1 Print and PDF button for your WordPress site. Printer Friendly pages without coding, css, or
print.css. Fast, easy, and professional.

Admin Menu Editor
Lets you edit the WordPress admin menu. You can re-order, hide or rename menus, add custom menus
and more.

Duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one location to another in 3 easy steps.

Editorial Calendar
The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your

Wordfence Security
Wordfence Security is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, virus scanning,
real-time traffic with geolocation and more.

White Label CMS
Version: 1.5.1 Allows complete customization of dashboard panels and logos, removal of menus,
giving editors access to widgets and menus plus lots more.

User Meta
WordPress user management plugin. Custom user profile,registration with extra fields. Custom Login,
Import users from csv and many more.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox
Keep your valuable WordPress website, its media and database backed up to Dropbox in minutes with
this sleek, easy to use plugin.


69 WordPress Website Plugins Marketing


Easy Digital Downloads
Sell digital downloads through WordPress with this complete digital downloads management plugin.
Integrates with Paypal and many others.

WordPress Live Search
Adds “live search” functionality to your WordPress site. Uses the built-in search and jQuery.

Velvet Blues Update URLs
Update URLs is a quick and easy solution to fix old URLs and links in content, custom fields, meta
boxes and excerpts.

Create custom “Shortcodes” with HTML, Javascript snippets stored in it and use that shortcode within
posts and pages.

Cool Video Gallery
Cool Video Gallery is a Video Gallery plugin for WordPress with option to upload videos, add Youtube
videos and manage them in multiple galleries.

ManageWP Worker
ManageWP Worker plugin allows you to remotely manage your WordPress sites from one dashboard.

Lightbox Pop
Create a simple, non-annoying lightbox popup in your blog.

Basic Google Maps Placemarks
Embeds a Google Map into your site and lets you add map markers with custom icons and information

Summary statistics of blog.

Thank Me Later
Thank Me Later (TML) will automatically send an e-mail to your those who leave a comment at your

Wp-Insert is the most powerful yet easiest to use WordPress ad management plugin which does a lot
more than ad management.

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard
Customize completly your WordPress Login Screen and Dashboard easily. Add your logo, change
background image, colors, styles, Dashboard footer etc.

Drop Shadow Boxes
Provides an easy way to highlight important content on your posts and pages inside a box with a drop

WP Symposium A Social Network For WordPress
Social Networking for WordPress: forum, activity, member directory, mail, chat, profile page, groups,
events, gallery, mobile, RSS and more!

WP Total Hacks
WP Total Hacks can customize more than 20 settings on your WordPress Site. PHP5 is required!

WP Single Post Navigation
Plugin adds next & prev nav links on single posts to have a “browse post by post nav style”. Includes
customizeable parameters.

Admin Post Navigation
Adds links to navigate to the next and previous posts when editing a post in the WordPress admin.


69 WordPress Website Plugins


WP Editor
WP Editor is a plugin for WordPress that replaces the default plugin and theme editors as well as the
page/post editor.

Infinite WP Client
Install this plugin on unlimited sites and manage them all from a central dashboard. This plugin
communicates with your Infinite WP Admin Panel.

Page bar
Page bar adds a nice page bar to your blog posts, multi paged posts and paged comments.

Highlight Search Terms
Very lightweight jQuery script that wraps search terms in an HTML5 mark tag when referer is a search
engine or within wp search results.

T(-) Countdown
T(-) Countdown will display a highly customizable, flash-free countdown timer as a sidebar widget or
in a post or page using a shortcode.

Add-to-Any adds Share buttons for WordPress including the AddToAny sharing button, Facebook,
Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp, many more, and follow icons too.

A powerful, lightweight and easy to use Atom/RSS aggregation and content curation plugin for
WordPress with Full Text RSS import feature.

Magic Post Thumbnail
Automatically generate thumbnails for your posts. Magic Post Thumbnail use Google
Image/Flickr/Pixabay to create an Automatic Featured Image.

Disable Comments
Allows administrators to globally disable comments on their site. Comments can be disabled according
to post type. Multisite friendly.

Google Analytics Counter Tracker
Google analytics counter tracker – analyse the visitors hits on you website and display it graphically.

Publish posts automatically to a profile.

Inline Related Posts
Inline Related Posts AUTOMATICALLY inserts related posts INSIDE your content, capturing
immediately the reader’s attention.

Tynt Insight for WordPress
Learn what’s being copied off your website and how you can use this information to get more
traffic, more often.

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