Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness Yuga Cycles

We Are Looking At Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness In The Year 2025. As The World Undergoes An Awakening of Spiritual Knowing The Veil Is Lifting.

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

The Yuga Cycle Is The Earths Cycle For Which We Are Part of And It Effects Us All Spiritually and Mentally. Listed Below You Will Find Information On How The Yuga Cycle Works.

YUGA CYCLES                                                     BEGINS                                ENDS                     DURATION 

Descending Satya Yuga ( Golden Age )             12676                                 9976BC                          27000 Years

Transitional Period                                                9976BC                               9676BC                          300 Years

Descending Treta Yuga (Silver Age )                  9676BC                              6976BC                           27000 Years

Transitional Period                                                6976BC                               6676BC                          300 Years

Descending Dwapara Yuga ( Bronze Age )       6676BC                               3976BC                           27000 Years

Transition Period                                                   3976BC                               3676BC                           300 Years

Descending  Kall Yuga ( Iron Age )                    3676BC                                976BC                             27000 Years

Transitional Period                                                976BC                                  676BC                             300 Years

Ascending Kall Yuga ( Iron Age )                        676BC                                  2025CE                         27000 Years

Transitional Period                                                2025CE                              2325CE                          300 Years

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

The Age of Pieces 

We are now in the Age of Pisces which are represented by the 2 fish. We our now in alignment with the same time of  Christ. Leaving another 300 Years or so until we transition unto the next phase which would be the time of the Aquarian.

This is why the symbolism used in Christianity is a Fish !. It was based upon astrology and the cosmos which the roman catholic church altered to revise history to bury the truth. Which was the astrological connection between the heavens and mankind.

By destroying all knowledge and keeping the information among the secret societies. A new narrative was then created and given to man leaving us all wondering why we are here and what is our purpose.

Which would leave the question open .. Suggesting that the BIG BANG was  not the beginning of creation. But more a universal shift in Consciousness.

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

The History Of The Universe 

The Universe has existed for 155.522 trillion years and this number only covers the current cycle and annihilation. As before we has this cycle there were many other cycles. There will continue to be many more cycles as the cycles are based on the life of Brahma who was the engineer of the universe.

The beginning of each day of Brahma, he creates everything in the universe. At the end of each day there is a partial annihilation. A day for Braham is 12 hours which in our time is 4.32 billion years.

A Brahama lives for 411 Trillion to 40 Billion years, when this happens there is a complete annihilation of the universe as the current brahama dies. This is done by way of water or fire.

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

The Changing Cycle 

After the previous Brahama dies, a new Brahama is appointed and the cycle continues again with a new wave of consciousness. Coming from the perspective of the new Brahama, this process is know as pralaya.

It must be noted : That Brahama is the creator and not necessarily regarded as God.

The universe in which we reside in is the smallest of all of Gods Creation. There are allot more universes which are thousands if not millions of time bigger than our. Think of us like being in the playground, not being able to step outside and see the world !

That’s how small our universe is, it is considered a training ground for us to learn but with our knowledge being taken away from us and misinformation given. No wonder we are lost always searching for answers and we have not been taught to change whats going on outside from within.

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness Through The Ages 

The Golden Age 

The level of consciousness was at it highest making the people highly evolved, people lived in peace and harmony. There was no wars and conflict as they had no possessions to envy each other over.

They did not have any agriculture but the land produced food that could be consumed.

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness The Silver


They solely worshiped the one supreme personality Godhead – everyone believing the same truth.

Practicing one religion and meditation daily. Characterized by virtue, wisdom and religion and practically no vice or ignorance.

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness The Bronze


Things start to change with the introduction of ignorance and vice is introduced. The good qualities that humans has in the Silver Age has reduced by at lest one third.

With the introduction of religious rights, rituals, sacrifices and ceremonies. People start to act with bad intentions expecting a reward for their work and religious works.

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness

Ancient Knowledge Global Consciousness Where We

Are Now 

The age or irreligion and ignorance with a complete decline in religious principles. With allot of religions completely disappearing from the face of the earth !.

The Yuga lasts for 432,000.00 years this change has also has am impact on our lifespan and it has been reduced to around 80 Years.

Human uprightness will gradually reduce to nothing by the end of this cycle. As we are the lowest of humans to come out of the cycle due to our lack of spirituality.

In this age we are in now man has been dumbed down by misinformation and dictatorship. Leaving us unable to think for ourselves without worry what others will think, trusting in doctors and authority for the answers.

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