Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity Connecting To The Cloud

Super Human Humanity

The Information Age

As We Enter The Super Human Humanity Era An Age of Technological Awakening. What Does The Future Really Hold For Humanity And Life On Earth.

Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity

As science and technology guides us into new waters and dimensions. What impact will it have on humans and how we live our lives today. Giving our power over to an artificial intelligence?

Gathered below you will find factual information which we have gathered from various sources. Which will truly expose what is really going on in the world of cutting edge technology.

Involving implantation of micro chips into the human body, robot’s and artificial intelligence The take over and control of the human population. Proving that we are slowly being guided down the road to trans-humanisum.

Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity

The Hub Home of The Cloud 

We start our journey with a company which are called Singularity University. They are situated in the United States of America. As we go down the rabbit hole you will see how important this University is and the power it has, against all of mankind.

The company is based and operates from a place called NASA Research Park, this place is very significant.

The reason why the location is of great importance is due to the fact that every company, operating in this area and surrounding area. Are involved in the latest of cutting edge technology anywhere on earth. Well that’s what we have found – there could be others but they seam to be out of the public scope and we could not find anything.

What Is The Singularity University? 

The name does not give much away but lets have a deeper look, they have 3 founders. Peter Diamandis, Robert D Richards and Ray Kurzwell.

Mr Ray Kurzwell was the front PR man for Frankinstien and the current global trans-humanist agenda. He is also the Chief Futurist for Google.

This agendas main goal is to have the whole of humanity, have technology put inside the brain via an implant. Or using the latest cutting edge nano-technology for easier application. This technology will connect the human mind to an alternative sub reality called the cloud.

Sounds great ! Never judge a book …..

They are on schedule, for this artificial intelligence program to be operational and working by 2030, which is 13 years from now. During this time and for future generations any baby born on earth, will automatically have this technology inserted into their brains.

Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity

Psychological Warfare 

By having this type of technology inserted into your brain, you would be giving up your freedom. This is what it will achieve and the implications:

We will think from the cloud ? this means that there will be gateways in the cloud to our brains and our sub-conscious minds. Giving full control to an artificial intelligence … This is dangerous very dangerous ….

Ray Kurzwell from the Singularity University was quoted saying …

“Humans will think from the cloud, there will be gateways in the clouds to our minds. It will do more and more of the human thinking over time in its entirety”

Ray – Kurzwell 

Can you see a RED FLAG can you see DANGER SIGNS? We are waving it hence the quote being in RED !..

The Implications of this..

Would be full control of the human mind and our subconscious mind. Giving full control to an artificial intelligence to do our thinking and feeling for us. ( what? ) Yes this is right and a real fact .. and the people behind it are being very open about it in an Hegelian dialectic way.

Where as they roll out the product in a systematic way going around the main products using sub products. Promoting that this tech will somehow give us a superhuman intelligence. We would be getting our information direct from a higher intelligence singularity the cloud. making us think better,  perform better and so on.

This over time would overwrite the human thinking and create its own thinking patterns which we will adopt. unknowingly through the cloud via the brain implant.

Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity

Your perceptions & Thoughts Will Not Be Your Own 

The cloud will take over the complete control of your thought’s and perceptions. So say for instance you were having a thought .. or a sudden impulse to do something.

How would you know for sure if you were having the thoughts, or the A.I Singularity. Having that thought on your behalf and passing that information directly into your subconscious mind ?

Telling you what to think, how to perceive things, voting , passions, loves. hates, who to support who not to support. The list goes on…

There’s allot more to it than this and what appears on the surface if you look a little deeper. Which we will will take a look at in the next section.

Super Human Humanity
Image Source Singularity Hub

Super Human Humanity –  Hegelian Dialectic

Trans-human Agenda Sub Promotional Products

What are the sub products and how are they influencing our decisions to ultimately connect to the cloud.

  1. The smart phones -First on the list and a prime example to use here. How cutting edge have our phones become, we rely on them for almost everything. From connecting to the internet to using the GPS functions to tell us where we are.  Apps for this and apps for that, making everything we need so much more instant and convenient. This is just the tip the mobile can be used for so much more as you are probably aware of.
  2. New Fitness Wearable’s – This is a way to get people use to wearing the technology. By getting people use to wearing the technology on their bodies. No doubt there are lots of benefits to these new types of technology for those who can afford them. They are simply, a way to introduce the next stage which is having the tech inside the body.
  3. Human Micro Chipping – No longer science fiction more a fast approaching fact! The introduction of the RFID chip. This is the game changer there are many myths surrounding this from religious beliefs to end times- I have come to learn that words can mean different things, when passed down from generation to generation. In my generation i would look at this human RFID chipping as being the end times for humanity as we know it. Conscious mind hijacking at its best !

Super Human Humanity

There are millions of people in the world- Who already have the Microchips !

Chipping has been going on for sometime so its no longer a myth ! People of high authority, celebrities , soldiers, officials even civilians in some parts of the world.

Companies have even started chipping the staff ! making it a novelty to no longer need a swipe card to access buildings and rooms. Instead swipe your hand and the doors will open, so as you can imagine people are blinded by the science and not seeing the full scale.

You Are Running Out of Time!

In order for the chip to be fully activated to the cloud the whole world has to have WIFI. As without this the complete upload is not possible.

Action and motions have been set into play to make this happen. The Nasa Research Park, currently has so many high tech cutting edge programs going on in this arena. With Facebook and Google being among some of the key players in Trans-human Agenda which i will talk about in the next section.

WIFI connecting systems have now started to go up around the globe at a rapid rate bringing even the most isolated of countries into connection.

Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity

Google The Search Engine? Influencing The World 

So what is Google and how do they influence the world ?

Most people who you would ask this question to would simply answer ” Well its a search engine “. This is where allot of people make their biggest mistake. Google is the most powerful tool in the world when it comes to controlling a society of media manipulated and doctored people.

That is unfortunately what we have become as when you control the mind of a man you need not worry what he will do. He who controls the media and what reaches the top in the search result indirectly controls the influence.

Leaving people to believe that they have come to their own opinions rather that the reality. Which is that they have been duped ! Being given the outcome that was originally intended by those needing public backing.

Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity


The elections was a prime case of this favoring Hilary Clinton over Donald Trump ! Anything that showed the Clinton Campaign in a good light was shown. Removing and censoring contents and video’s that clearly showed the opposite.

Donald Trump what can you say about this man, allot if you are going by what you were able to see! As everything he was trying to expose during his campaign. Was not for main stream media and public consumption, so it was censored.

They also control and own YouTube which is huge and this campaign saw allot of truth seeker channels shut down or demonitized. ( basically if you are doing videos on YouTube and they are about corruption by people of authority they hide your video so people can rarely find them and they do not pay you for it! ) This is demonitization.

The Media Information / Mis-Information

A Video That Never Got on Mainstream Media - You Will See Why Trump is not what you have been made to believe he is. Censoring and posts removal kept these clips bottom of the pack so you could see another version of the truth which you are required to see its part of the brainwashing.

That is why these things are replayed over and over again on mainstream TV until it become fact. In favor of the Agenda.

Super Human Humanity

This Is Where It Get A Little Strange 

Back to Google- Google is one of the main pushers of this Trans-humanist Agenda of human consciousness to the cloud. They work very closely with an agency trading under the name of Darpa. Also hiring and taking on one of their staff named Regina E. Dugan.

This woman resigned at her job working for Darpa where she was the Head & Director ? To change her career as it would seam to most and went and became an Executive of Google. But when you take a look a bit further you find that what actually happened was more of an in-house inter departmental transfer….

As Google currently is fundamentally operating in so many area’s of the Trans-humanist Agenda. On the  publicizing and promoting of it that – Maybe it could be due to the fact that they own a company called Boston Dynamics which make cutting edge robots. Robots and machines which are controlled by artificial intelligence. They are also under contact to DARPA

Who are Darpa? Well Darpa are a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Super Human Humanity

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 

DARPA has held to a singular and enduring mission: to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security.

The genesis of that mission and of DARPA itself dates to the launch of Sputnik in 1957, and commitment by the United States that, from that time forward. It would be the initiator and not the victim of strategic technological surprises.

Working with innovators and futurist inside and outside of the government. DARPA has repeatedly delivered on that mission. The ultimate results have included precision weapons such as death rays,stealth technology and automated voice recognition. Mind manipulation, language translation, and Global Positioning System receivers small enough to embed in myriad consumer devices.

The main mission which keep inline with the trans-humanist agenda is to create robots and soldiers which are controlled by artificial intelligence. Meaning the A.I would then decided who to kill who not to kill, who to go to war with etc. This is slowly coming into the public arena and is no longer a myth or prediction.

Super Human Humanity

Police Robot Shoots Man In Dallas 

No longer a secret police in Dallas use a Police Robot to end a cease fire. This raises allot of ethical questions?

Negotiators had been talking for hours with the suspect- killer of five police officers in downtown Dallas when the man suddenly resumed firing with an assault rifle.

Fearing additional casualties, the officers deployed a small, remote-controlled robot. To carry an explosive device near shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, which they then detonated, killing him.


“I Want To Take Over The World With Drones”

A.I Male Robot

Super Human Humanity

New Way For Law Enforcement 

The Dallas Police Department’s unprecedented use of an explosive-laden robot. To kill an armed suspect opens the door to a  new phase in the trans-humanist militarization of U.S. police departments.

The tactic illustrates what police see as the new opportunities for self-defense. Presented by advancing technologies and the transfer of second-hand military equipment to local police departments.

But it also raises difficult ethical questions about how and when such technologies should be deployed. In a civilian setting to allow police to kill a suspect while facing little or no risk.

So as you can see this is no longer fiction its real and it happening!. Making Science Fiction ( Science Fact ). This agenda is constantly being pushed now by companies like the Singularity University and Google.

The DANGERS of Artificial Intelligence 

The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence – Robot Sophia jokes and makes fun of Elon Musk – A.I. 2017 – 2ndEarth Alternative (22/04/2017)


Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity


Google has undergone a few changing as of late and have re-branded allot of their business under the name Alphabet listening to suggestions on this subject from David Icke. I would strongly suggest that there is a reason for that which i will explain now..

All the areas in this trans-human agenda that Google are involved in which i have mentioned. It goes far beyond this and being a Search Engine with power and influence.

Hence the reason they want to disassociate them selves from it, by creating sub companies under Alphabet. Which in turn keeps them out of the limelight.

So i would suggest we need to start waking up and paying attention to what is going on around us. It has hegelian dialectic written all over it!- We are being manipulated into giving our minds away, to what they have been creating and secretly pushing which is the cloud and A.I control.

Super Human Humanity

Super Human Humanity


Facebook the social media platform a bit of harmless fun, use it to contact friends stay in touch with loved ones. We on the surface that’s what it is, but is it ?

The power of censorship.. When you decide to step outside the box and start to have free thought and mounting followers then you have a problem. As they have the power to dictate what can and cannot be heard. Controlling and narrowing down your ability to find items or not showing them on the feeds.

So what seam to be happening with these large internet controllers of information Facebook / Google and YouTube, YouTube being owned by Google. Is more and more censorship of information, of which challenges the official version of everything main stream. Creating their latest war on the truth tellers with Fake News which is one of the latest campaigns currently circulating social media.

Super Human Humanity

YouTube Censorship 

Super Human Humanity

On YouTube you have channels which come under the Alternative Media, Such as Alex Jones. Dedicated to getting the truth out but they are being censored and penalized by having their videos de-monitized meaning the will not get paid for their videos as i mentioned previously.

They know that allot of people who use YouTube as a platform to make money as well as get the news out there. Rely on the money they make from the videos to create more contents. So this really corners you and your ability to work and produce content and information making it a target effort to shut down the alternative channels down if you challenge and expose any of the following :

  • Government & Authority
  • Fema Camps
  • RFID Chipping
  • Human Cloning
  • Military & Tactics
  • MK Ultra Human Programming
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • The Official Media Version

This is designed to stop us seeing whats really going on…

There is an old saying “what you see in the movies is real” But “what you watch on the main stream media is fiction”. ..

So they now have the ability to break down the alternative media and its ability to function. Because you are telling people information that they have a right to know. But they are kept so distracted they lose their ability to think so the thinking is done for them by the media.

Facebook is also designed to do they same thing minus the monitization. Where as they censor contents that questions or challenges the system however accurate the information might be. They will take your post down banning you for a few day up to a month. Depending on the information sometimes indefinitely.

All for posting things that people have a right to hear! As it has become so powerful it can do what it likes without question.

Super Human Humanity

Joining Up The Puzzle 

Joining up the puzzle and taking off the masks they are all connected in some way and take orders from the same Force. As they are all part of the same web Facebook is one strand in the web – the internet being what ultimately dictates the direction and behavior of Facebook.

Strand number 2 Google which is again being controlled by the web which can dictate its direction and behavior like Facebook in the same way. So in-effect you are looking at the same driving force hidden by masking its connections and dealing with anything outside of its mask.

So when we go back to this censorship that is going on all these platforms and expressions is actually not someone has decided here and that company over there is doing that. It is a very coordinated execusion of the plan and is coordinated to precision through the web which is no surprise did you expect anything else!

Super Human Humanity

Trans-human Agenda Closing Notes

The Trans-human Agenda is to attach human consciousness and sub-consciousness mind. By what is now being called THE CLOUD.

Designed to be a technological sub reality gathering data and information from the human conscious mind and then rewriting it until eventually it will do your thinking for you. This is no longer a secrets and is common knowledge in the fields of cutting edge technology.

Now Facebook, Google, DARPA, The Singularity University and others. Are spending allot of money ensuring that WIFI can be picked up all across the globe. Because if you want everyone to be connected to the cloud and for it to work as effectively as planned. WIFI needs to be everywhere no where left out even the most remote places on earth will have WIFI. So that everyone can be connected to the cloud by 2030.

I encourage you to do your own research and follow what sits well with you – Whilst you still have a choice.


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