Blitz Body Building & Weights Complete Guide

Blitz Body Building

Weights Complete Guide

The Blitz Body Building Muscle Mass Fitness Guide. Complete Guide To Building Muscle Mass Fast, Including Fitness & Nutrition Guide.

blitz body building


Fitness and strength building trends can be a dime a dozen. Those of us who have had a glimpse behind the fitness industry scenes. Have often seen first hand what motivates it’s gurus.

It is not how to help people get fit, fast or experience vibrant health. But how to shovel more cash into their bank accounts. What if there were a proven fitness method, that didn’t require any special equipment. No gym membership or supplement and diet options were strictly your own decision?

This would be bad news for the health and fitness profiteers and great news for you wouldn’t it?


Introducing Blitz Body Building Training

This method holds all these qualities and more. By the time you are through with this guide you will have all the information you need to build a new ripped and powerful.

When you see the end results you will be even more excited!

Read on and you’ll find… This Training is a Completely New Challenge

If you have any sort of gym experience you may become one of the many who is excited to realize what an exciting new challenge Body weight Training can be.

No more waiting for someone to spot you while you bench press, or messing around on the latest fitness machine at the gym.

Instead you’ll be cranking out push ups and hitting the pull up bar in the door way. This can be quite refreshing trust me!

Blitz Body Building Training Torches Body Fat Fast 

Missing your abs? Follow a Body weight Training only program and you’ll find your missing six pack in no time. Many of us get ultra shredded via Body weight Training only, with only minimal cardio.


  • Introduction
  • blitz body building The Secret History of Body weight Training
  • First things First – Stretching and Warming Up
  • The Miracle of the Push up and Dips
  • Pull Up Power
  • Wheels of Steel – Leg Training without Weights
  • Back and Neck Bridges from the Wrestler’s Tool Box
  • Core Of Steel
  • Diet Ideas and How to Set up Your Schedule
  • Conclusion – the Mind as a Muscle (positive thinking and goal setting)
  • For the elite trainer – Advanced body weight
  • 1 X EBOOK
  • Complete Audio Version Included For Easy Listening



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