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Consciousness Flow States Meditation

Secret Happiness e- Course

Consciousness Mindfulness

Consciousness Flow States Meditation Secret Happiness E-Course is your complete guide to unlocking your full potential. Discover how tap into your flow states to advance and slow down time.

Secret Happiness e-course

Consciousness Flow States Meditation

So what’s going on inside that head of yours when you enter a flow state?
Essentially, a flow state is very similar to the ‘fight or flight’ response but with less ‘negativity’ you could say. It means that you think what is happening around you is very important and deserves all of your attention.

As a result, your body starts to produce dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, anandamide and other neurotransmitters. This causes your brain to become intensely focused, which creates the illusion that time has slowed down.

You gain a kind of tunnel vision and now the only thing you’re focused on is that one moment and the things you have to do to emerge from it victorious. You begin to react almost automatically and instinctively with barely any input from your conscious mind.


Consciousness Flow States e- Course
Unlock Your Full Potential

Consciousness Flow States Meditation

E- Course


 Whats Included ..

  • e- Book PDF – Complete detailed e-book for full understanding and reference
  • Mind Map – Detailed mind map if you are someone who likes to see it all mapped out
  • Bonus – Calm mind report
  • 10 Chapter Audio MP3 For easy listening of the e-course
  • 10 Part Video E-Course


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