hypnosis niche blog website

Hypnosis Niche Blog Website Package

Hypnosis Niche Blog Website


Your Very Own Hypnosis Niche Blog Website Complete Themed Package. Just Simply Upload To Your Host And You Are Ready For Business. Set Up Within 5 – 10 Minutes, Simply Alter Contents To Suit Your Preference.


hypnosis niche blog website



Uploading a blog to your domain is a simple task using the duplicator plugin installed.

The first thing you need to do is using c-panel on your hosting account create a database. You should have received the login information for your c-panel from your hosting provider. If you do not have this contact their support to retrieve the information.

Don’t Know How To Do This?

If you do not know how to create a database do not worry we got your covered with the a free tutorial included in your package. Step by step easy to follow tutorial will help you set everything up.


hypnosis niche blog website

Step 2 Uploading Your Files Using

FTP Software or Filezilla 

This process is quiet straight forward, but if you are unsure we got you covered again ! Our full tutorial will help you breeze through this task… Filezilla is free ftp software which is safe and free to use, also among the most common. The tutorial provided will show you how to use Filezilla.


hypnosis niche blog

Your Fully Built Hypnosis Website/Blog 

That’s it now all you need to do is change the passwords etc from the factory settings on the Hypnosis Upload and you have a fully functioning money making website. Including ready to go blog posts and contents, you will now be able to start creating an online passive income.

Whats Included …

1 X  WordPress Themed Hypnosis Website / blog

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