Law of Attraction Thoughts Determine Reality

law of attraction thoughts

Law of Attraction Thoughts Determine Reality


The Law of Attraction Thoughts Determine Reality Complete Guide To Changing Your Outcome. Learn How To Can Start Manifesting Anything That You Desire.

law of attraction thoughts

The Law of Attraction Thoughts & Manifestation 


Imagine for a moment that you have in your possession a source of complete and total power. You alone can command the warmth of the sun. The fall of the rain, the turn of the tides and the direction of the winds.

What would you do with this kind of power? Would you abuse it causing the world to fall into utter chaos? Or Would you be benevolent and merciful. Using your power to help the people of your planet achieve their ultimate potential?

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the case may be) there is no way for a person to have that much power. Mother Nature controls the planetary systems. According to her own rules and her own designs under the universal laws. You will never be able to have utter control over the environment you are inhabiting.



law of attraction thoughts


What if you could, however, have the power to determine the course of your own life? If you could accomplish great things and acquire great riches. Just by using the power of your own mind? This does not have to be a “what if?”

You possess in your psyche the power to chart the course. Of the rest of your life on whatever path you see fit?

Chances are you would tell me that I had obviously been watching too much Sci-Fi and needed to get out of the house more often. You would be wrong (about the Sci-Fi, anyway). Every person holds in their mind the power to shape the events of their life to achieve whatever end they see fit. Under the universal laws that govern us.

This power is what is known as the law of attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction?

law of attraction thoughts


The belief held by many theorists. Is that the universe is governed by a set of universal laws; these laws cannot be changed. Cannot be broken and apply to every individual, regardless of age or nationality.

These laws are the riverbanks which guide the flow of their lives on its journey to its ultimate end.

The law of attraction is one such law. The law of attraction is the belief that anyone can determine their destiny through the power of their minds.

“The Law of Attraction attracts to you everything you need. According to the nature of your thoughts. Your environment and financial condition are the perfect reflection of your habitual thinking.”
Joseph Murphy

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