Oneness The Complete Guide Universal Law of Unity

Oneness The Complete Guide Universal Law of Unity

Unlock The Secret To Oneness. An In-depth guide into the universal law of unity and  divine oneness.


Law of Attraction Oneness 

Developing True Union With Others With One Accord of Harmony. Use The Principles of The Universal Law of Unity. To Live A More Meaningful Life.


No one may pressure you into a state of unity. It may only be felt by conscious choice. Including both your mental and emotional side.

ONENESSThe mental choice calls for choosing to view the world through the lens of interconnection. To see yourself as piece of a greater body, and to assume the new level of responsibility that develops from that position.

The emotional option is to by choice tune in to this ever-present connection and to feel it as joy.
In order to really master unity. Both the mental and the emotional sides have to be integrated. You have to realize the truth of unity. As well as feel your loving connection to other people.

If you only have the mental side. You’ll comprehend and agree with the logic of unity. But you won’t truly get it intuitively. You will lack the push to turn your realizations into direct actions.

If you only bear the emotional side. Then you’ll intuitively feel that we’re all connected at some level. However  you’ll lack a reasonable reality to understand it. You’ll feel united and joyous at times. But have a difficult time mixing that into all parts of your life.


When building up a sense of unity. It’s helpful to start by centering on either the mental or the emotional side. This ONENESSwill depend upon whether you prefer your system of logic or intuition.

Begin with whichever one you choose. Then utilize your progress as a way to research the other side. You may even shift back and forth in order to advance both views.


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