Online Money Copy Writing Business Videos

Online Money Copy Writing Business Videos

Online Money Copy Writing

Business Videos

Set Up Your Very Own Online Money Copy Writing Business With These Step By Step Video’s. In-depth Tutorials Taking You Step By Step Everything You Need To Know.


Online Money Copy Writing Business Videos

Online Money Copy Writing Business Videos 

You probably already know that if you want to have a growing, thriving business online. Then you’re going to need great content.

Many of the top marketers doing millions of pounds and multiple six figures have their own products.

Even if you are an affiliate, you still need content to demonstrate value upfront to your subscribers. Attracting targeted leads and rewarding your customers for buying through you…

And if you are a Coach? Trainer? Speaker? All the more so this is important…


1. You can do it yourself. If you have a flair for writing of course. Assuming that you are good at recording videos. Or assuming that you have plenty of time and you’re okay with working hard. Real hard!

2. You can hire someone else to do it for you. If you have the deep resources as this will take funds. Assuming you’re working with quality freelancers or full-time staff who are qualified for the job.

That’s a lot of assumptions right there. But what if you don’t have a small fortune to blow away? Or you don’t have huge appetite for risk? And time isn’t a luxury you have right now?

Well We Have A Better Solution For You.

Introducing ……

The Million Dollar Copy 

Online Money Copy Writing Business Videos

Online Money Copy Writing Business Videos 

Million Dollar Copy is NOT your typical copy writing course. In fact, this training holds the missing pieces of the puzzle that most aspiring copywriters are desperately looking for: how to turn your writing skill into a highly profitable enterprise.

Most copy writing courses teach how to write copy, but almost none of them talk about how to MAKE MONEY writing copy. Million Dollar Copy covers it all – from finding and attracting premium-level Clients to building a business from one of the highest paid writing professions in the world.

 1: Generation Strategies – How to start getting Clients who are looking for copy done for them.

 2: Lead Management Tactics – most novice Copywriters aim low or try to get whoever they can, as long as they get paid. But if you want to build a highly profitable enterprise you need to look at getting a more selective group of Clients ready to pay top dollar!

 3: How To Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition – strangely most Copywriters don’t have an offer of their own, or it’s just ‘pay me and I’ll write for you’. This video shows you how to position yourself DIFFERENTLY from the rest of the ‘me too Copywriters’.

 4: Crafting Your Secret Offer – how you go beyond an over-simplistic approach and garner stellar results so you can build a star-studded Clientele!

 5: The Close – Plus learn how to negotiate for royalty / commission. Get paid over and over for work done once!

 6: Leveling Up – How to scale this business of copy…

 7: Killer Copy Blueprint – To round it up, a crash course on how to write killer copy is included to make the entire training holistic!

Total Running Time 1 hour 01 minute 36 seconds (7 MP4 Videos)


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