Affiliate Recruitment Complete Marketing Guide

affiliate recruitment

Affiliate Recruitment

Complete Marketing Guide

The Complete Marketing Guide To Affiliate Recruitment. Take The Stress Out of Selling & Start Hiring Affiliates To Sell Your Products.

affiliate recruitment


Getting affiliates to promote your products can be easier money than you could make on your own because…
They attract buyers you otherwise never would have received

Those buyers can become repeat buyers. It’s easier to sell to someone who’s purchased before.
Your earnings from affiliates is essentially free money, minus the work you put in to attract and work with
the affiliates

“How to recruit an army of affiliates who are just
waiting to promote your product! Blah blah blah.”

Did that headline look familiar?

One of the myths about getting affiliates to promote your products is that they’re just out there waiting for you to call them to go to work. No such luck. Affiliates are hit with a lot of different offers to promote – and the better the affiliate, the more offers they receive.

So how do you find and recruit good affiliates? We’ll cover
that in detail in the book.

affiliate marketing businessFirst, let me share… The Internet marketing community will tell you it’s super easy to get affiliates. Not true.

The reality is that it’s work. But that’s also good news for you because 99 out of 100 product owners either won’t bother with the work or they won’t know what to do to get affiliates.

That’s why you’ll enjoy a distinct advantage over them.

To get affiliates, you’ll need to convince them that you and your product are worth promoting. You’ll need to build
trust. And you’ll need patience as well. Potential affiliates often won’t say yes the first time you ask, or they’ll say
yes but then they’ll get distracted and they’ll go promote something else unless you follow up.

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