Women's Fitness Program

Fitness Program For Women E-Course Fit In 15




Women’s Fitness Program To Lose Weight Fit In 15 Is Specially Designed To Work Well With A Women’s Metabolism Reducing Weight Loss Quickly & Effectively..

Fitness Program

Women’s Fitness Program 

Fit In 15 Fitness Program and Complete Weight Loss e-Course Designed For Women. An in-depth e-course showing you how to lose weight effectively. Keeping in off long term, not just a temporary solution.


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The Women’s Fitness Program

Is a complete weight loss program designed for Women. The e-course contains loads of expert diet & nutrition strategies complete with several sample training plans.

The course focuses how to teaching Women how to lose fat and build muscle through proper training and diet.  It busts through common myths surround fat loss and exercise, and provides in-depth nutrition and training advice.

The ultimate goal of Fit In 15 is getting Women on a sustainable path to weight loss…without the harmful fad diets, slashing calories, OR relying on pills or powders!

Women’s Fitness Program What You Will Learn

  • Welcome To Your Program
    Program Overview
    The Real Truth About Fat Loss
    Avoid This Common Pitfalls
    You Slashed Calories & Upped Cardio
    Calorie Deficit Explained and how to insure you are getting the right amount
    Understanding Cravings
    Lift For A Lean Sexy Body
    The Myths Surrounding Females & Lifting Won’t Die
    High intensity Interval Training
    Sustainable Diets
    Sustainable Dieting Equals Long Term Success
    Healthy Dieting For Maximum Fat Loss
    Flexible Dieting & Nutrition Plan
    Another Restrictive Diet Plan
    Calories The Queen of Weight Loss
    How to calculate daily calories
    The power of protein
    Carbs and Fats Aren’t Evil
    How To calculate your Carb & Fat needs
    Sample scenarios
    How Close is Close Enough
    Accelerate Your Progress Using Nutrient-Timing
    Dealing With Inevitable Plateaus


  • Fitness Program


Complete Video E-course

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MP3 Audio of The Course

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