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The secret To Good Habits. The universal Law To The Secret of Living A Successful Happy Life.

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The Secret To Good Habits Complete Guide To living Within The Universal Laws. 

If you want things to be different in your life, then there is no point in doing things over and over again. If you do, you will surely get the same results.

To get a different result, you have to try a different approach. Thus, you need to move from your comfort zone.

Don’t know where to begin with? Then, you need to understand first everything about bad habit formation.

Bad Habit Formation

Habit formation is the process by which behaving a certain way becomes automatic. If you impulsively reach for a cigarette the moment you wake up in the morning, then that’s a habit.

Old habits are difficult to break and new habits are too hard to form. This statement is really true because the behavioural patterns. You repeat most often are literally etched into your neural pathways. Furthermore, habits serve as a mechanism for rapid problem solving.


good habits Whenever you encounter pain, your brain instantly searches for a way to prevent it. Likewise, whenever you encounter gratification, your brain stores those neurological connections. Keeping them as good habits,to gain from that satisfaction in the future. In some cases, people use alcohol and foods. As a mechanism to get out of boredom and depression.

The habits that are closely related to your mechanisms for feeling pleasure and out of pain are usually the toughest to remove because these habits are hard to change. At present, more and more people are trapped in some bad habits that they wish they never had.

To change, you need to have a high motivation and intention. Experts claim that it is easy to develop bad habits, especially when a person is young. But, you have to bear in mind that a bad habit is a process that begins from your mind. Thus, you can remove it if you really want to.

Good Habits / Bad Habits  

1. Behavioural Habits – Chewing hair, nail biting, cracking knuckles. Are the common examples of bad behavioural habits. These habits are annoying personally, or to other people. These are best removed by altering your activity altogether or changing the bad one for a good one.

2. Addictive Habits – Liquor, smoking and drugs have a hold on the physical body. Causing some uncomfortable feelings when the activity is stopped. How Does Someone Develop a Bad Habit?

Some people are clueless when it comes to different causes of bad habits. If you are one of them, you should start expanding your ideas.

Here are the reasons why some people develop a bad habits

Engage in Any Specific Behaviour – Habits are behaviours that happen automatically, habitually and subconsciously. When engaging in a particular behaviour with favourable outcomes. People tend to repeat that behaviour.

Reap the Rewards – Whether it is a bad or good habit, it can be a matter of opinion. Say for instance, smoking is considered as a bad habit. But, some people say that that smoking calms them down. That pushes them to smoke cigarettes every day.

Do It Again –Habit formation depends on reinforcement. Some people tend to do things that will lead to negative or positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement is the removal of an unfavourable situation. While positive reinforcement is the presentation of a favourable outcome.

Bad Habits Good Habits Do It Again and Again – Even if bad habits can result in bad consequences. The good habitsquick gratification is what allows them to be kept. However, these habits will have to get done eventually and they will become more difficult tasks.

Though it is hard to get rid of bad habits, you don’t need to worry about it. You just have to know what you need to do and where to begin.

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