Paleo Diet Complete Video e-Course


Paleo Diet Complete Video e-Course

The Paleo Diet A Beginners Guide To Navigating The Paleo Diet In A Modern World. This Complete Video E-course Will Take You Through The Whole Dietary Process. Helping You To Make The Changes More Quickly & Easily.


A Beginners Guide To Navigating The Paleo Diet In A Modern World! 

This E-course is packed with all the information your will need to successfully start living the paleo way.

The E- Course Consists of The Following ..

  • What Exactly Is The Paleo Diet

  • Is Organic The Way To Go In This Modern World?

  • Major Benefits Of The Diet

  • Paleo Approved Foods

  • Big Paleo No, No Foods

  • Exercising On The Paleo Diet

  • Fat Within Foods

  • Is The Paleo Diet Right For The Whole Family?
  • Audio Video & E-book Versions
  • Tips To Start Today
  • Much More


Ebook Sample 


Chapter 1 – What Exactly Is The Paleo Diet?

If you don’t know what the Paleo diet is or you’ve never heard of it before, no worries – within this first chapter, we’re going to explore exactly what this way of eating is all about.

At its core, Paleo is a lot more lifestyle than it is a diet.  A Paleo lifestyle is about eating real, whole, natural foods and avoiding all processed foods.

You see, the modern diet is exactly that, it’s modern. Humans ate in a Paleo style since the beginning of time before starting the agricultural revolution where we started to eat grain and sugar-based foods, as well as processed foods.

PALEO DIETThe idea behind Paleo is to eliminate those processed foods, chemicals, vegetable oils and other new additions to the modern diet that can be detrimental to our lifestyle, from how we move to our energy levels to how we feel on a daily basis.

For all those years that we ate Paleo, humans were hunters and gathers.   They ate meat and they ate fruits such as berries when they were in season.  Which also meant they moved a lot and were very active.  They needed to be strong and fit in order to survive.

Their bodies were conditioned to efficiently use fat as fuel and energy, not carbohydrates.   Eventually agriculture came into being and the human diet changed dramatically.


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