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The Complete Guide To Plyometric Fitness, Health And Wellness In-depth Guide To Optimal Health. Discover How You To Can Attain True Long Term Health.


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There are two things you must consider when you are working for a fitter and healthier body. They are diet and exercise.

This is the focus of this health and fitness course, but there are several things that makes it vastly different from other courses. It makes use of Plyometrics fitness adrenaline for optimizing results. You are using your body to jump Your Way to a Slimmer and Fitter Body.

Plyometric Fitness


Surely, you know what adrenaline is. It’s a hormone that provides you a boost in energy when you are confronted with a situation. That needs vigorous physical action like when you brace yourself for a fight or flight.

The energy produced in situations such as these are often greater than normal times.
Plyometrics on other hand is known as jump training. Which means that the whole fitness program is based on jumping exercises.

That induce your body to secrete just the right amount of adrenaline. Another important use of adrenaline is it jump starts the fat burning process.

Plyometrics Fitness


Some of jump exercises that help increase adrenaline production are the box jump, explosive squats. Double leg butt kicks.

Plyometric Fitness You do not actually need a box for the box jump, stairs will do just fine. The exercise involves jumping from the lower to the next rung. Jump to the higher rung from a squatting position and immediately after landing. Get off it and repeat the movements 8 times.

The explosive squat is not difficult. You start from a regular squatting position with your feet a foot (hip width) apart. With your knees slightly bent, back straight, and butt pushed out. Jump the highest you are capable of while straightening your arms upwards. Repeat immediately when you land.

To do the double leg butt kicks you contract your muscles then jump high. While you are up in the air touch your butts with your heels. This is done in two sets with 8 reps.



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