Spirituality Guided Hypnosis Flower of Life

spirituality guided hypnosis

Spirituality Guided Hypnosis Audio Connect To The Source of Life

Spirituality Guided Hypnosis, Connect To The Source of Life. Becoming More Connected To The Flow of Life.

spirituality guided hypnosis

Spirituality Guided Hypnosis 

Hypnotherapy Audio For Strength & Inner Peace With God. Connect To The Source & Embrace The Ocean of Motion That We All Live In.

There are four main steps to the process of this hypnosis Audio  .

We are all unique so there may be times when you feel more relaxed mentally than physically, you will experience positive images before listening to the suggestions.

The first step would be to give yourself some time. When you know you will not be disturbed. It would be best to unplug the telephone, turn of the Television. You will be asked to count whilst taking a few deep breaths, allowing yourself to feel more comfortable with each easy breath.

The more you practice the better you will become. It is recommended that you continue to use this audio. Daily for at least 10 minutes to see a result and feel more connected.

Spirituality Guided Hypnosis 


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