Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways

Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways

Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways

A Quick Guide To Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways. Over 90% of the population use email on a daily basis, and it is an opportunity for making money. Here is a fast track into the principles you need to apply to your email marketing list to make this strategy successful..


Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways

Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways

Email is the connective tissue of the modern e-commerce landscape and building a robust emailing list is a way of building stronger relationships. With your customers and subscribers, as through the provision of additional value, you can make a handsome residual income.

The modern subscriber and customer wants to buy, without being pushed into making the buying decision. Hence why so many subscribers do not open many of the emails that are sent to them. In this guide, we look at four ways you can make money with email marketing.


Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways

Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways Choose

Your Niche

The niche you choose can either make you or break you, so it is important that you make an informed decision. Relationships, health, and wealth are some of the top niches that continue to make money.

Next you will need to choose a sub-category, which is your niche. Choose a popular niche that is exciting and vibrant for the markets today. Also, choose a niche with high competition, which is also digital friendly people are willing to pay for information.


Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways

Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways Single Page


Statistics have shown that a single page site you can make as much money as those with multiple page sites. Making it an easier way to get you online and making money without having to build an entire website.

The page should be an OPT-IN page, which entices people to subscribe by giving their email addresses. This OPT-IN page is at the heart of your email marketing, and the more people you have on your lists. Then the more money you can potentially make.

Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways Affiliate Marketing

Choosing an Winning Affiliate Offer

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways you can use your emailing list to make money. This takes a similar course as when you are choosing the right niche. So its important to do your research becoming familiar with the best affiliate networks.

The top companies offering this are Amazon, Ebay , Apple, Jvzoo, Aliexpress and many more, its just a case of doing your research. Ensuring that you are sticking to your chosen niche adding products and value around your brand.

Review their marketing by acting as a customer at first, subscribe to their emails then read review their products. Some affiliate products sell easily, and some can take weeks or months to sell a single product.

Only consider the offers that will add value to your subscribers, and you will be able to create a genuine and lasting rapport with the people on your list.


Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways

Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways Giveaways

Create an awesome gift to giveaway when someone signs up to your email list. As by now, you would have learnt that collecting email addresses for an effective email marketing campaign is not a walk in the park.

You will need to offer something valuable to your potential subscribers in exchange for their email address. Conversion rates tend to be better when you offer free gifts, and your list will grow exponentially.

Popular gifts include workbooks, eBooks, or reports all in PDF formats as well as videos or sound files. These can be set up easily on autopilot, so there will be no extra work on your part. Except for the initial set up of your autoresponnder sequence see VIDEO on how to set up an autoresponder.

Email Marketing Make Money 4 Ways Final


My final thoughts would and advise would be, to always keep in touch with the individuals on your emailing list. It takes a considerable amount of time and resources to make at least £2 per month from each subscriber.

So You will have to develop an email strategy to increase the amount of money you make from each of your subscribers. Before you can start to make a profitable passive income from your email list alone.

Good Luck

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