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FOSS vs Outsourcing Software Development

Foss VS Software

FOSS vs Outsourcing Software Development Which is Best?

Looking at FOSS Vs Outsourcing Software Development Seeing Which One Is Best. There Are Usually 3 Big Concerns Companies Deal With When They Hand Software Projects Over.

Foss VS Software

Thinking about outsourcing a software development project? There are usually 3 big concerns companies deal with when they hand a software project to freelancer or outsourcer.

1 – Deliverability
2 – Time-frame
3 – Price

Can a potential outsourcer make the product you have in your mind work the way you want it to? In other words, can they deliver what you are looking for?

Will they be able to meet your time-frame requirements?

Price should not be a primary concern, but even the largest companies in the world have a budget
they have to stick to.

For these 3 reasons and more, you may want to turn to FOSS programs. To bring your vision from pipe dream to reality.



FOSS stands for Free or Open Source Software. These are suites and single pieces of software with licenses that allow anyone to run the program. The software can be used for any purpose or to achieve any particular goal.  Modification of the software is also allowed.

Additionally, users are free to distribute copies of the original FOSS program. Or any modified version they

Free Might Not Mean Free in The Way You Are Thinking

Foss vs Outsourcing – Surprisingly, it may cost money to get your hands on a piece of Free or Open Source Software. The idea that the software is “free” is that there is a freedom of use involved.

There is a freedom of manipulation or modification as well. In some cases, there may be a cost to purchase FOSS programs. However in most of those situations, the cost is minimal.

So the good news is that FOSS products are usually free, or inexpensive. If you have a talented developer within your staff. Get your hands on a piece of FOSS that is similar to the end product you are looking for. You can then begin the
modification process.

This is one way to avoid having to outsource your software development.

foss vs outsourcing
When Outsourcing Software Development Works Better Than FOSS

However, open-source software has its downfalls. When you want a very specific program created. it might be a better idea to have someone start from scratch.

FOSS programs often have blinds or limitations. Many of them are bare-bones programs. You still have to hire a developer if you do not have one within your firm. So why not consider outsourcing the entire project?

When you start from nothing, rather than beginning with a previously developed piece of software. You can go in any direction you like. Hiring a talented freelancer to handle your software creation. This could actually be a quicker completion of the project.

This is because the developer does not have to get to know the ins and outs. Of an already created program or suite of software.

Just because FOSS programs are almost always free or have a negligible cost. Does not mean that your total expense won’t be substantial. It could very well cost more, to work on an existing piece of software to get the end result you
are looking for. Rather than having a totally new piece of software developed.

foss vs outsourcing


Foss vs Outsourcing – FOSS has its advantages and so does outsourcing a software project. If you don’t care that your software may look and work like your competitor’s.  As well as anyone else who also started with your open-source base, FOSS may
make sense.

When you want a finished project that is unique. Which does not look like a slightly modified cookie-cutter piece of software. That everyone else in your industry is using, outsourcing the project is always a smart choice

Hope You Found This Helpful

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