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Landing Pages Sales Texts How To

landing pages sales texts

Landing Pages Sales Texts

How To 

How to write landing pages sales texts – If you’re planning on selling a big ticket item. Then chances are that your entire income model is dependent on those sales. A big ticket item can sell for anything from £99 up to £2,000 or even £20,000.


For most of us that means enough money to live off for the following week, month or even year!
The bottom line? You need to do everything you can to make these big ticket items sell and one of the very best ways to do that is by creating a landing page and adding the right type of persuasive text to encourage sales. This is one page that is entirely dedicated to making a sale and that has no other function. Here’s how you go about wording it…

Narrative Structure

landing pages sales texts
The first tip is to consider using a narrative structure. You want to position yourself as a figure of authority, so don’t make your narrative one about how you used to be broke/fat (this is a good option for cheaper products).

Rather, just talk about your experiences and how you came up with this great idea for a course. That way, your writing will be much more compelling and engaging and people will want to keep reading.

Landing Pages Sales Texts –  The Value Proposition

market new idea
During your text, always focus a lot on your value proposition. A value proposition is essentially the thing that you’re offering your readers/customers. If you’re selling an e-book, then the value proposition is not the text that makes up the e-book. It is not the PDF file that you are saving the e-book as.

Rather, it is what that e-book can do for your customers.How it can change their lives. Focus on this and really try to understand the emotional appeal of what you’re selling.

Landing Pages Sales Texts Using  The AIDA

AIDA is a popular structure used in many sales pitches. The idea is to acknowledge that the buyer has never heard of you or your product before. Taking them from being understandably dubious to a keen buyer. It stands for ‘Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action’.

Social Proof and Community

Online Marketing Building Trust Gaining Authority
Finally, never underestimate the power of social proof. Social influence or community. People love to feel that they’re a part of something and that they’re part of a movement. They also often look to others for cues that will guide their own behavior.

Make sure that your product is the exciting and exclusive offer. That all the most in-the-know people are talking about. This will give you more authority in the online market.


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