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Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics
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Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making

The Basics

A healthy lifestyle smoothie making covering the basics. Smoothie making is no rocket science and there are so many benefits you get from drinking it.

Such as improved digestion, hydration, eating more fruits and vegetables, easier weight loss. Including more energy as well as many other benefits. However, there are some basic things you need to know before you start blending.

Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

First, you should decide what recipe will suit your purpose. Are you trying to lose weight or just want to add more greens into your diet?

If you do not know which recipe to use, search the Internet where you will find a plethora of different ones that will suit your every need.

Secondly, keep in mind that the first thing you add into your blender is the liquid you want to use. Do not forget that you should stick to your recipe and should not add more water than recommended. Otherwise your smoothie will be too watery.


Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

Not A Milkshake

Keep in mind that smoothie is not a milkshake and therefore not a sugary dessert but, when done right, actually be a meal replacement.

The base of a milkshake is dairy, usually ice cream or milk with added flavor. They can be topped with whipped cream and candy.

We definitely do not want that in smoothies, so make sure you use a healthy liquid base. Which certainly does not include sugary drinks and other liquids filled with sugar.

The Smoothie Base

Use filtered water or alternatively almond coconut/hazelnut/oat milk, organic fruit juiced or kefir You can then add your base, which will make the smoothie creamy.

The most basic base is a banana, followed by avocado, peach, apple, chia seed gel or nut butters. Yoghurt, frozen fruit or pears will also do the trick.


Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

Adding The Fruits

Now it is time to add the fruits or vegetables your smoothie recipe requires. You can also get creative and add whatever you think goes together and then learn from your mistakes.

Opt for fresh fruits or the frozen ones, you can also prepare packs of cut fruits beforehand and freeze them; that way you will also save time.


At the end as a topper, you can also add some additional foods to your smoothie. Such as dates or maple syrup to make it sweeter.

Use a pinch of quality salt that will increase the minerals in your smoothie. One can also use spices, quality protein powder, superfoods, such as chia, flax or hemp seeds, goji berries… The possibilities are endless!

After adding all your ingredients, it is time to start blending!

Follow the instructions of your blender and do not worry. After a few times, smoothie making will become second nature for you and you will get it right every time.


Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

The Most Common Smoothie Mistakes 

Everyone says making smoothies is so easy, so what could actually go wrong? However, they are still some things that could go wrong.

To Watery

If your smoothie is too watery, simply add more fruit (the best option would be bananas or frozen fruit), nut butter or oats.

No creaminess

Your smoothie lacks creaminess, you can add some nut butter, oatmeal, avocado or banana. This will make your smoothie more creamy without the use of milk

To Thick

On the other hand, if your smoothie is too thick, add some non-dairy milk, such as oatmeal, coconut, hazelnut or almond. Remember that this might change its flavor, so always add the liquids in small amounts.

In case you accidentally made your green smoothie taste almost too healthy, you should add more milk, such as for example hazelnut, a frozen banana or some maple syrup.


Even if your smoothie is too tasteless, you can still save it by adding a splash of natural fruit juice for acid taste. Greek yoghurt for tangy taste, or dates or maple syrup for sweetness.

You can also add spices or grated ginger to add more flavor.


Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

Healthy Lifestyle Smoothie Making The Basics

Final Tip

If the smoothie is not blended enough, you might not be adding the ingredients to your blender in the correct order. You should add your liquids first, which will get the blade turning smoothly.

Start blending on slow speed and then gradually increasing the speed.

Good Luck On Your Healthy Journey!


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