Paradigm Shift Changes Your Life

What Is A Paradigm Shift 2017

What Is A Paradigm Shift 2017

What is a paradigm shift and how can you use it to your advantage? The answer could change you life like night and day!


A paradigm is a new way of looking or thinking about something. This word comes up a lot in the academic, scientific, and business worlds.

A new paradigm in business could mean a new way of reaching customers and making money. In education, relying on lectures is a paradigm. If you suddenly shifted to all group work, that would be a new paradigm.

When you change paradigms, you’re changing how you think act and feel.


Change your life , A paradigm is a multitude of habits and beliefs that are programmed into our subconscious mind between the age of birth to 18 years.. This creates 6 programs .
1. Organisational Structure
2. Stories & Mythologies
3. Rituals & Routines
4. Symbols & Artifacts
5.Control System
6. Power Structure

Changing The Paradigm

When you change your it determines what you do in later life , most people do not change theirs as to change your paradigm would cause allot of discomfort to your body as we are after all electrical beings.
The body does not like change and that why it is so hard for people to change their habitual habits.
You will find that people for example give up smoking / go on a diet only to start smoking again not long afterwards. Someone who is on a diet will always be on a diet.
When we change something in our programming, the body is programmed to find what it has lost for example the feeling whatever it is that you have stop gives it. This usually causes us to return to our old habits.
Paradigm Shift Changes Your Life
Change Your Paradigm Change Your Life


A Paradigm is what controls us in society , everyone can change their paradigm. Have better lives, 80% of people work to live or work to provide its not done out of passion it is done as a way of life.

Most People have jobs they do not like but stay because its comfortable ( Safety Zone),what if i told you you could be anything you wanted to be ? have the job you always wanted? the life you always dreamed of? Well you can its just our own limitations we put on ourselves and fear of the unknown that stops us.


What you have to understand is when you decide to change your paradigm you have to understand the changes your body will go through. So that when this happens you are aware of what it is which will enable you to move forward .

The fear barrier is what you will come up against when you decide to change you will doubt yourself , you will feel anxious , you will start to think do i really need to do this. YES YOU DO if you want to break free into a new paradigm.

I never said it would be easy but i will  promise you this you break through that FEAR BARRIER and it will be worth it.


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