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Caffeine Consciousness Brain Is It Good For You ?

caffeine consciousness

Caffeine Consciousness Brain

Is It Good For You?

The Caffeine Consciousness Brain Looking At weather Caffeine is Good or Bad for Your Brain?

Nootropics are supplements and drugs that can be used to give your brain a boost in performance. The best of these can make us more alert, more awake, more focused and even increase our memory.

caffeine consciousness

This can all sound rather science-fiction-esque and you might be tempted to think that it wouldn’t be something you or many people you know would likely partake in…

But the reality? We are already using multiple substances that work very much like nootropics – and you’ve probably been doing it yourself for decades!

caffeine consciousness

Enter: Caffeine Consciousness 

Because this is exactly what caffeine is – a nootropic that we consciously take with the purpose of increasing our memory, our focus and our wakefulness.

So the question is: how does it work? And perhaps more importantly, is this something we should be doing so regularly?

caffeine consciousness

How Caffeine Works

Caffeine works because it is molecularly very similar to adenosine. Adenosine meanwhile is a neurochemical that is produced in the brain as a by-product of the energy system. In other words, when your brain cell produces energy (which uses ATP), it also releases the waste product adenosine.

Except it’s not really a waste product because this is what the brain uses to monitor how long your brain has been active for. To this end, adenosine will attach to receptors in the brain cells and serve as a neuroinhibitor. In other words, it will reduce brain activity and make your neurons less likely to fire.

Over time, this build up gets greater and greater and we become tired and ready for bed.

caffeine consciousness


But caffeine binds to those adenosine receptors too and this prevents adenosine from taking its normal action. In short, this means that adenosine can no longer make us feel tired and groggy and as a result, we feel more awake and more focussed for much longer.

In turn, this will then stimulate the brain to release numerous other neurotransmitters associated with wakefulness and focus – such as dopamine and norepinephrine.

Making Caffeine Good For Us In Small Doses To See Maximum benefit.

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