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Good Vibrations Karma 8 Must Do’s Attracting

good vibrations karma

Good Vibrations Karma 8

Must Do’s  For Attracting

The Law of Attraction Good Vibrations Karma 8 Things You Must Do To Manifest Things.


good vibrations karma

Good Vibrations Karma 8 Ways To Get Good Karma Everyday

Many people blame bad luck for everything bad that happens in their lives. But what many people don’t realize is that karma and luck are closely linked. It only makes sense that if you need good luck, you need to do things that increase your positive karma.


good vibrations karma

These tips will tell you 8 small things you can do, to increase your karma and luck over time. Even if you don’t believe in karma or luck. Then these tips will only serve to bring some kindness into the world.

  • Make a point to smile at a stranger every day. If someone is having a bad day, a smile may be just what they need. To lift up their hearts again.
  • Go without one meal (the heaviest meal of the day would be good) for one day. Donate the money you would normally spend for that meal to those in need.
  • Donate your things to a charitable cause. Don’t just let your old clothes, books, toys, etc. Clutter up your house donate them to a thrift store or the Salvation Army.
  • Pay someone a compliment. This can be done face to face, or by leaving positive comments on someone’s blog or Facebook wall. It might make someone happier.
  • Send someone cheerful and encouraging e-cards at random, especially if you know that they are going through a tough period.
  • Cook a special meal for someone, maybe the person next door who lives alone. Or pay for a stranger’s lunch one day just to be nice.
  • Leave your change behind at coin machines. Someone else may want a snack or a drink but may be a few cents short. Your leftover change will be appreciated.
  • While queuing to pay at the supermarket, let someone who has fewer items in their cart go ahead first.

Good Vibrations Karma


By continuing to carry out some of the above suggestions on a regular basis. You will notice a big difference and you will start to see you perspective change. Including your general outcomes in day to day situations, most of all be happy.

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